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Grisedale Tarn from the col descending St Sunday Crag

Grisedale Tarn from the col on the descent from St Sunday Crag

(English Lake District)


Continuing on, the path leads over Cofa Pike to Fairfield. The path down to the tarn is just below, passing in front of the crag. Seat Sandal, 2415ft (same as Harrison's Stickle) stands above the tarn.

The tarn is a landmark feature on the packhorse trail from Grasmere to Patterdale. The col at left, between Seat Sandal and Fairfield, leads down to Grasmere. The low pass at right down to Dunmail Raise (the north/south watershed between Grasmere and Thirlmere). The ascent of Dollywagon Pike from the tarn outflow leads to Helvellyn. The path across the face of Dollywagon Pike (right) is the packhorse trail leading down Grisedale to Patterdale.

To the right of Seat Sandal's top the skyline is of the distinctive outlines of Bowfell, Scafell Pikes and Great End. Further right, near the edge of the picture, is the square shape of Great Gable, the abruptly cut-off end being Gable Crag.

And yes: that is a helicopter above Great Gable.


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