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the panorama from Seat How, Whinlatter Forest Park, English Lake District

the panorama from Seat How in the Whinlatter forest, 1727ft

This surprising and remarkable view is from a rocky outcrop high in the forest on Ullister Hill. To find it follow the park's green trail waymarking.

The 140 panorama is from Skiddaw, just out of picture on the left, to Grisedale Pike at far right.

Skiddaw's Jenkin Hill is to the right of the pine tree with Blencathra beyond, here seen end on. The Mell Fells are in the distance through the gap through which passes the A66. From there on the skyline is the long ridge of Clough Head, Great Dodd, Watson's Dodd, Stybarrow Dodd, Raise and Helvellyn (the 'peak' is in fact 'Lower Man', 3033ft, the top of Swirral Edge, with Browncove Crags the obvious shadow below it). Bleaberry Fell is the low ridge in front of all that with Derwent Water below. Keswick is obvious in the centre of the picture. The patch of brown cleared forest is Swinside. Further right the craggy peak is Causey Pike (2205ft) and, finally, Grisedale Pike (2593ft) at far right. The pyramidal peak to the left of Causey Pike is Bowfell (2960ft), 12 miles distant. Helvellyn is 10 miles away.


OS map showing location of Seat How

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The making of the Seat How panorama;


the six Ektachrome frames that make up the panorama


a tripod was not used resulting the first two frames being lower than the rest which caused the apparent upsweep of the image and consequent problems in post-processing


the six pictures combined using Photoshop CS5 Photomerge (cylindrical)


it was first warped to straighten the sides then (below) the top warped to level the horizon and, in so doing, remove the white areas at top



the white areas at the bottom were subsequently filled using CS5's Content Aware Fill

Local Contrast Enhancement and Smart Sharpening have been applied to the final image

final actual image size is 66x19 inches (5ft 6in x 1ft 7in / 1.68m x 49cm)

below is a full size detail of the centre of the panorama:


Seat How panorama : detail outlined




the panorama from Seat How : detail of  Braithwaite

the village of Portinscale is at left; on the far side of the lake is Crow Park and, beyond that, the boat landings; centre right are the brown slopes of Swinside cleared of forest with the Swinside Inn at the road end;

in the centre can be seen the sweep of the A66 where it passes Braithwaite; most of the village is hidden, although the caravan park is obvious in the field beyond the white house;

lower right is the Knott Head viewpoint on the Whinlatter road with its line of cars: centre foreground is Spring Bank on the outskirts of Braithwaite, its white houses amongst the trees


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