Fellsphoto Vintage TLR Gallery for 1951 Rolleiflex Automat X


thumbnail: Glen Torridon and the Liathach from Ben Damph

The Torridon giants seen from Squrr na Bana Mhoraire, 2251ft, the north top of Ben Damph (the hill of the stag).

Directly below is Loch Torridon with the view stretching west down Glen Torridon towards Kinlochewe.

From this viewpoint the Liathach (the great grey one) and Beinn Eighe (file mountain) appear as one continuous ridge.

The bulk of the mountain directly in front of us is topped by Mullach an Rathain 3358ft. The ridge leads on over Am Fasarinen to the highest peak, Spidean a'Choire Leith, 3456ft.

The prominent sunlit peak of the distant Beinn Eighe range is Squrr Ban, 3188ft.

In fact the two mountains are separated by a narrow glen, the Coire Dubh, which gives access to the back of the mountains and the spectacular Coire Mhic Fhearchair.