Fellsphoto Vintage TLR Gallery for 1951 Rolleiflex Automat X


thumbnail: Watendlath


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Below: a six-times enlargement from the above ~ roughly 23 times the original image (equivalent to a 54" print):

Watendlath: enlargement of collie and boy


A tense moment:

Despite this having been taken as long ago as 1973 I can't look at it without re-living the tension and anticipation as, having got in place, set the camera and composed the shot; seeing the dog set off from the farm and waiting in anticipation as it walked down the slope. Would it go straight on or turn towards me? It turned and made for the bridge. All I had to do was wait for it to walk to the right spot to complete the composition.

I don't remember the boy by the wall and was surprised, when preparing the photograph for this page, to see him standing there. But I do remember nearly missing the shot: the dog was moving fast and the tension of trying to judge the his speed almost caused me to fire the shutter too late!

I was so focussed on the dog that I never saw the heron. That was a surprise waiting for me when I got the transparency back from processing.

(photographed on High Speed Ektachrome ASA160)


thumbnail: postcard showing the same scene - Watendlath 1914

an Abrahams postcard showing the same scene. Not dated, but presumed to be 1914 or earlier.


postcard: looking down on Watendlath, 1914

a Maysons postcard dated 1914:  looking down on Watendlath