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ZEISS SUPER IKONTA 532/16                                                Item number: 190274781899

Having had explained to her by another ebayer how to make it work, the seller wrote:

"I cannot quite see why they have to make them so complicated."

To which I felt obliged to write and say:

You're not the first to say it, but wonderful comment from you all the same. To which the simple answer is: "So that it can take sharp pictures in all conditions" You must consider that it's state of the art technology from 60 to 70 years ago, cost the equivalent of, say, around 1000 (at a time when there was no credit - you had to save up!) and that, at that time, the point and shoot equivalent of your digital camera was a Box Brownie which could only be used successfully in bright sunlight with the subject 12 feet away.

In reality the camera is simple in operation but requires the photographer to think - to understand what he's doing and make the settings. Our 'simple' digital cameras are incredibly complicated with all their buttons and menus and can do everything in one 'simple' point-and-shoot package. To do so they have, in effect, replaced your brain with a computer chip! The 'complications' you refer to are still there (they have to be - that's how cameras work), it's just that the work's being done by electronics.


To which she replied:

Dear Callum, thank you for the very concise answer to my question/statement. Yes, I suppose one does have to take into account of the fact that it is 60/70 yr old technology. As regards Digital, well they too are ridiculously complicated. Very clever but unnecessarily difficult to fathom out how to operate.

Sure, I accept that all the twiddly bits have to be there on this camera to enable a good photographer take sharp photos but regards cocking it and firing it, having to wind on before it will fire but nevertheless it will still cock....... anyway, thanks for your input. Happy New Year V2



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