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panorama of Keswick from Latrigg

panorama of Keswick, Derwent Water and the North-Western fells from Latrigg

(a composite of 3 transparencies)

see below for the full size view of the area outlined in red


Keswick from Latrigg - left image        Keswick from Latrigg - centre image        Keswick from Latrigg - right image



the area of the panorama outlined in red showing the Royal Mail sorting office with its red vans and the BP petrol station on the A527 Penrith road

the area is cropped from a 104"x31" print  (2.6m x 0.8m)

full size view of red outlined area in the Keswick panorama

(the image has been sharpened and had Local Contrast Enhancement applied)

the middle frame is less sharp than the others suggesting some displacement of the lens standard

the blurred area to the right of the enlargement below is a consequence of this, being in the band of two merged photographs

however, if we look at the sharp areas such as the vans, the petrol pumps and windows in the houses, we can see the potential of this lens


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Home  >  Voigtlnder Collection  >  Rollfilm  >  Keswick from Latrigg panorama

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