Fellsphoto Vintage Gallery for 1939 Voigtlander Bessa with f4.5 Skopar lens

1939 Bessa gallery: Gael by a Fen drain in evening light

9th Jan 2007, late afternoon, and a low winter sun illuminates the Fen landscape


"There are no straight lines in nature."

Most Fen drainage ditches, being man-made, are straight. The natural curves of this one tells us it's an ancient river bed. The Upwell road, west out of March, lies on the horizon. The low white building (center right) is by the level crossing over the March/Ely railway line. The line of trees at the far side of the green field are the location for the sunset and sepia photographs.

thumbnail: overexposed original
the original scan

Due to the camera's untested slow shutter this picture was seriously overexposed. It has been recovered in Photoshop.