advert for Perkeo from Amateur Photographer Dec 10th, 1952

The text reads:

The Voigtlnder Perkeo I  has already established an outstanding reputation for itself. The excellence of the coated f4.5 Voigtlnder Vaskar lens, noted in the "A.P." review (Aug. 15th issue, 1952) has since been confirmed by countless delighted users.  The sturdy construction, attractive appearance and mechanical precision of this "miniature size" 12 on 120 camera must be seen to be appreciated.  Your dealer will have one in stock and will be delighted to let you handle it.

Technical Details. 7.5cm. Voigtlnder Vaskar anastigmat lens, coated.  Choice of two shutters - Pronto 4-speed (1/25th to 1/200th) or Prontor-S 8-speed (1 sec to 1/300th) both synchronised for flash. "Zone focussing" for snapshots. Takes 12 pictures 2 1/4in x 2 1/4in on 120 film. Body release with double exposure prevention device. Delayed action. Optical viewfinder. Accessory shoe.

PRICES.  With 4-speed shutter 22/11/6. With 8-speed shutter 25/8/10.

Voigtlnder Ever-ready case 6/7/6

Amateur Photographer, December 10th 1952