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cover of 1939 Voigtländer catalogue cover of 1927 Voigtländer catalogue cover of 1939 Voigtländer catalogue
"100 years of photography
years of Voigtländer photos"
1939 catalogue
"The most beautiful gift
a Voigtländer"
1927 catalogue
"So good for 99 years
Just as good today"
1939 catalogue


1924-33 Rollfilm

in three sizes: 6.5x11, 6x9, 5x8

(with gallery of 2 photographs)


1929 Bessa

f7.7 Voigtar lens  ~  the first self-erecting folding camera

s/n  A493414


1933 Inos II

with f4.5 Skopar lens and Embezet shutter

s/n 783974

(with gallery of 5 photographs)


1931 Jubilar

with f9 Voigtar and Embezet shutter

celebrating Voigtländer's 175 years



1939 Bessa

with f4.5 Skopar lens and Compur shutter

(with gallery of 4 photographs)


post-war Bessa

with f3.5 105mm Skopar lens and Prontor shutter

s/n 2763175 = 1945

thumbnail: 1945 Bessa with f3,5 Skopar lens

1945 Baby-Bessa

with f3.5 75mm Skopar lens s/n 2766101



1945 Bessa Rangefinder

with f3.5 Heliar and Compur-Rapid shutter

s/n 2779955  (mount: 6486695)

the 'transitional' model between 'pre-war E' and Bessa II

(with gallery of 9 photographs)



1951 Brilliant

with f4.5 Skopar lens and Compur shutter

 s/n 3245637


1952 Perkeo

with f4.5 Vaskar lens and Prontor-S shutter

lens s/n 3263030

(with gallery of 9 photographs)

1956 Vito B

with f2.8 Color-Skopar lens and Prontor-SVS shutter

lens s/n 4084284

thumbnail: Vito B


1967 Bessamatic Deluxe

with f2 Septon lens s/n 6565324

(with gallery of 11 photographs)



Bessamatic with Septon lens



cover of 1935 Voigtlander cataloque: das Material fur den Amateur

cover of 1935 catalogue: "Materials for the Amateur" - the blue/gold background being that of Voigtländer boxes



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