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Vintage: " ....... of old, recognized and enduring interest, importance or quality."

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thumbnail: Haweswater from Harter Fell
Franka-Werk Bayreuth logo

thumbnail: Solida III with Trinar lens

my Franka collection


Super Frankarette

Grasmoor and bluebells from Rannerdale
St Wendreda's Church, March Bassenthwaite from Barf
teazles and a fen sunset merle collie Cassie sitting amongst ox-eye daisies

"We do not take pictures with our cameras, but with our hearts and mind."  Arnold Newman 


Pontiac Bloc-Metal camera

Pontiac Bloc-Metal 45


Voigtlander Bessa Rangefinder with f35. Heliar lens


my Voigtländer collection


Teazle head using Bessamatic with Septon 

Bessa 66

three Voigtlander 1920's Rollfilm cameras

Bessamatic Deluxe with Septon lens Vito B
"We do not remember days .......... we remember moments"
Cesare Pavese


thumbnail: Ihagee Auto Ultrix

Ihagee Auto Ultrix with Xenar lens


1948 Kodak Special Six-16



my Kodak collection




my 1921 Kodak no.3






Rolleiflex Automat 4 with f3.5 Xenar lens

1951 Rolleiflex Automat

25 photographs 

 My Twin Lens Reflex Cameras


1973 whiteface Rolleiflex T

3 photographs

Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex with f3.5 Tessar lens

1938 Ikoflex 851/16

23 photographs 





Franka Solida IIL with f3.5 Xenar lens


Classic Folding Cameras of the 1950's

Franka Solida III with f2.9 Radionar lens




"Using a folder is painstakingly particular. I quickly found that I actually need all of that fiddling before taking a photo. It slows me down, giving me time to think about the shot. It takes several seconds to reset the camera, making each shot more precious. I find myself waiting longer for just the right moment and considering the composition and subject matter much more thoroughly. In fact, I've discovered that shooting with this rig is a meditative experience like no other I've ever experienced. My photography is much better for it."

  from 'My Pocket Hassy' by Dave Bias 


 Agfa's and others:


    Agfa's 1920/30's 'Standard':  


    logo: Agfa       1930/40's Billy Records:  


Also: How to deal with the plastic bellows problem and free an Agfa's seized focussing.


Ihagee Auto Ultrix with Xenar lens       thumbnail: Ihagee Auto Ultrix


Pontiac Bloc-Metal camera       and the beautiful French Pontiac Bloc-Metal 45



The Irresistible Charm Of A Folding Camera

I finally went out shooting with this beauty. I had the impression to reproduce the gesture of ancient times and thought about the people who used this camera before me.

I thought that this was what I like about old cameras. They're the spirit of the past. And all former users of this camera had left something in it. And now it’s my turn to use it and put my emotions in the pictures I take.

How many people could have owned this camera? And what kind of pictures had the lens seen and taken before? That’s the sense of history.

These cameras are witnesses to changing hands and changing times.
But the memory of the past is there.

And people are curious when they see such a camera. I heard a mother telling her young son:

“Look! That’s a very old camera. That’s how the people took pictures a long time ago.”

taken from a contribution by vicuna to lomography on using his  thumbnail: Pontiac Bloc Metal 41 Pontiac Bloc Metal 41



and how it all started:


1939 Kodak Vest Pocket 127

Kodak VP127 and link to: my early years



Other things:


For conversion of obsolete film-format cameras to 120 film see:

  Kodak No.3 red-bellows    & making the spool spacers


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